The Buyerarchy of Needs: A Practical Guide to Spending Money

Spending money isn't always a bad thing, but most of us do it without giving it much thought. Here's a framework to help you spend more mindfully.

One of my biggest financial pet peeves is when people judge your spending habits according to their own priorities.

You know what I’m talking about: the fuddy-duddy who shames you for buying avocado toast. The out-of-touch miser who never uses a smartphone and thinks you shouldn’t, either. Translation: You’re spending money all wrong and should be doing it according to what works for me, not what works for you. Also, get off my lawn.

People love to tell you how to spend your money without knowing: 1) how much you earn, and 2) what your priorities are. Maybe you’re super frugal but avocado toast is your one splurge. Maybe you’re a freelancer who travels a lot and you rely on a smartphone to run your business.

I hate this kind of judgment because it turns people off of personal finance altogether. It’s also why money remains so taboo. Who wants to talk about their personal finances when they’re just going to be judged harshly for it?

In reality, money is not a virtue, it’s a tool. It’s meant to be spent.  That said, most of us have a limited supply of it, so we want to use the tool wisely.  read more…

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